The Mamas at Work Podcast

Episode 43: Tracy Gunn

August 26, 2022

 My guest on the Mamas at Work Podcast today is Tracy Gunn, and she is the Mama of all Trades! Whether you are building a business, growing a business, or ready to sell your business; Tracy is the one to ask your questions. And I am so grateful that I got to talk to her!

Giving birth to children is just like creating a business. Running a business is just like raising kids. It is all about learning and growing... so that someday they can fly on their own. Tracy was at home full time & homeschooled her children for 14 years - until her world was upside down. And then she created a new world that she got to be in charge of.

If you want to reach out and connect with Tracy, please check her out at the links below!

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